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@netkitty im gonna be right back! just a few minutes ok?

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@netkitty oh, thank you kitn! *files it neatly on the shelf next to all the other bugs*

@netkitty *gently rotates you in the opposite direction a couple times to help undo the dizzy*

@netkitty *you find it lying behind the Recycling Bin*

@netkitty *lets you hit it and send it flying all the way across the screen*

@netkitty ...huh I don't remember this box being here :blobcatthink:

click for kitten 

@netkitty *clicks on yr nose*

@netkitty *roomba finishes, plays a little jingle, and heads back to its charger*

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Just a cozy little den on the fediverse :3